Plena Fide waterproofing service was established shortly after we started with our painting service.  We found that once again, due to the severe weather conditions here in South-Africa there is unfortunately, a huge waterproofing problem.  Once again, Plena Fide believe in using only the top brand names in this field.

Plena Fide have a 3 step method that we adhere to when starting a waterproofing project.

  1. Leak detection
  2. Proper surface preparation
  3. Application
  1. Leak detection

Leak detection might not sound as difficult, but believe me it can be.

Water is a very tricky substance. It can enter through the smallest of holes, and it can make the biggest damage 

By doing a preliminary inspection, Plena fide can easily detect where and how the roof, or structure is leaking.

By doing this we can determine what type of waterproofing needs to be applied.

There are basically 3 kinds of waterproofing,     a. Waterproofing with a membrane cloth (usually applied to roof ridges etc.)

                                                                            b. Waterproofing with a fibre thread inside

                                                                            c. Waterproofing with a silicon or rubber compound base

  1. Surface preparation                                                                           

The surface that needs to be waterproofed, needs to be cleaned thoroughly, and dried completely

Any loose particles need to be removed in order to guarantee proper adhesion.

In certain circumstances, a type of acid wash is needed to ensure surface is clean.

  1. Application

If all is ready, and Plena Fide are positive that the surface is clean, the application can begin. Depending on the type of waterproofing, certain drying periods are required between applications.

A 4 coat application is applied, with the necessary drying periods between each application.

Because of the severity of a water leak, Plena founde found that this method is most effective, and therefore ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Plena Fide waterproofing service can do waterproofing on the following roof tops: Tiled roofs, IBR and corrugated roofs.

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