Wayne Jeanson:
I want to thank you firstly for the professionalism you and Pierre have had from day one
(From the quotation) Both your and Pierre's workers were also very professional and respectful
on site by respecting the customer's wants. I know that we are difficult customers but you
guys really stepped up. The minor Issues is forgotten because it cannot compare with your

The work you have done is upper class and I think you guys did fantastic. You will go
recommended and you will be back here for more work. (That is if you don't mind us again :-))

Also could you give thanks to your wife. Leonie really knows what she is doing even before
seeing the site. I am still amazed at the tiles she recommended. I cant get over the fact
she said we must wait and she was spot on.

Lastly please give thanks to Christiaan for us as well he really did us proud as well.
Between you, Pierre and Christiaan it feels like we bought a new house. Regardless if
you guys have just gone into business or have been in business for decades you guys really
know what you are doing. Please don't change that.

Octavia Mamabolo:
Paint quality is of high standard, I can see you have a professional outlook on business
Wood workmanship is excellent

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