We’ve seen through the years with upgrading, remodeling areas in your house or expanding that the biggest issue is to locate a good reliable contractor:
•  Who do have the experience and expertise,
•  With reliable and trustworthy people,                                                                                
•  Who still look for affordable material pricing.

Isn’t easy locating proper skilled contractors, not even talking about the cost of the upgrading or changing which normally cost you an arm and a leg. Especially when building or upgrading isn’t your strong area and your not sure what the cost should be or who is just spinning you a story.

We decided to do our own research locating:

•  Reliable contractors with,
•  Reliable trustworthy workers,
•  People with the relevant expertise and which is affordable,
•  To have a qualified person always onsite,
•  To have access to management at all times if needed,
•  To have access to Plena Fide management at all times,
•  To have Plana Fide come out and do inspections if needed.   

We only have a couple of contractors linked and allowed to work with the Plena Fide group, we make sure they are up to standard and can supply you with quality work at the best prices.

Feel free to look through our pages of our services offered on our website. Feel free to contact us for more information and advice OR to come and quote you on proper solutions. We are always happy to help and assist.

  • Painting
  • Waterproofing
  • Wood Maintenance
  • Tilling
  • Building Alterations
  • Corporate Renovations
  • Residential Ceilings, PVC ceilings
  • Cornice Installations, cornice supply
  • Build in Cupboards
  • Batroom renovations
  • Kitchen renovations 

With an extensive background in the construction industry, we made our mark by supplying a superior service, at an affordable price with skilled people.
With a vast knowledge in painting, waterproofing, woodwork, wood maintenance & general building alterations, we found that it was our destiny to establish us as a well-known name in these industry divisions.
With Total Faith, commitment, dedication & professionalism as our four corner stones, we guarantee our customers superior products, excellent workmanship, total dedication, and an all-round friendly, clean and willing attitude on site at all times.